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Kiteboarding school directory


The end result is pretty simple: a global directory of kite schools. Each school can log in and manage their school details. It's the architecture that makes this one really interesting. The whole site is pre-rendered to improve SEO and performance. This means that when a customer updates details about their kite school the whole site is rebuilt and deployed using the continuous integration pipeline. The site uses a cloud based architecture built on the google cloud platform, meaning no servers need to be maintained and upfront costs were minimal.

Can I Teach Myself Kiteboarding homepage

Customs platform

Our latest big project was adding new features to a customs platform to simplify imports and exports. Following brexit, a number of new regulations have been imposed, which needed technical solutions on a tight timescale. This work was very API heavy but simplified the customs process allowing a user to create all the declarations needed for various jurisdictions using a single web application.

Cargo ships in port

Social Community Application


This project was a completely new social platform for anglers, allowing them to share their fishing sessions. Built with a TypeScript stack, there was a heavy focus on data analytics and intuitive UI. Charts were used to simply display complicated data and maps integrated with users geolocation was used to enhance the user experience.

Stripy Lobster on mobile device

Multi-agency incident management upgrade

We are upgrading a legacy application used to manage multi-agency major incidents. The application needs to be upgraded to run on different servers and use a supported database version.